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Today, everything that is going on is in the name of security. From your walk down to the shops, your commute to work and in front of your computer in privacy in your own home. Or is it? Everything we do these days are being logged, from the baby pictures on Facebook, to the cat pictures on imgur, even browsing with DuckDuckGo for information about some homework... all, logged. Why is this? Sometime during the second world war, some countries formed an intelligence alliance. That alliance is divided into 3 groups. Inner Circle, good friends of uncle Sam, and associates. I came up with the names. In reality they are called 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 14 eyes (See the end of the page for source). Back then it was set up as security for the world, and for its citizens to feel safe and secure. The 5 eyes deal has paved the way for what had to come. Since 9th of September 2011, governments have increasingly taken away civil liberties in the name of security. I have to admit, most of the times, it does help. But at what cost? This blog post is not meant to be tagged as conspiracy theory or tinfoil hat, just my expression of concern for where the world is headed. Is security more important than civil liberties and civil rights? I believe, that nobody with a morale or empathy would be able to answer that to the fullest. However, as "free" services, "free" apps and "free" Windows 10 gain momentum, they need another source of revenue, since you are not charged. You pay with information gathered about you. I started a petition to stop session logging in Denmark. Nobody cared. That might be the most scary. People do not care about their privacy. So, with the introduction and familiarity of "free" things online, like Facebook, Google etc. you are used to not paying. That has made a change of mindset with the average consumer, or as some would call it, citizens. People have gotten used to big data, and personal information being sent through non-secure HTTP protocols, sending social security numbers through more or less public emails. People don't seem to care about privacy. Therefore governments can do as they please, as long as they label it something on the lines of "The Patriot Act". Speaking of corporations that have helped shape the mind of the consumer, the people have suddenly become a commodity. So what is more important to the ones who have to make money from us? Security. How can we make money for the governments if we are not there? Can we make money for the government with basic civil liberties are being infringed, yes. That makes the conclusion rather simple. The world can be seen as a corporation. We have to make money, to spend them on stuff politicians promised during their outrageous campaign speeches.

I would have made a conclusion, but that would have been guessing on what happens in every closed meeting. That, I can not do. What I can say, is this: It is difficult to gain rights and liberties once they have been taken away. Don't let governments take away your right to surf the internet without your every move being logged. Remember these times when you can go to the countryside and just walk around a lake? In the future, you won't be able to without a tracking system keeping tab on your every movement. Your brain emits heat signatures, and possibly other signals and chemical traces we can not trace at the moment. At one point and time, it will be possible to actually analyze what you think about. At that point, this might sound like you have heard this before. You have... in 2002, when Tom Cruise stared in "Minority Report". It has started to look more and more possible.

At least, remember this: The World has an interest in your well being. The better that is, the more you can produce to feed it.

Note: I do realise the irony in the theme of my blog has social media sharing buttons.

Source regarding 5 eyes: Wikipedia Link

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