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Google Chrome - Waiting for cache (The solution?)

So, 2 days ago, I noticed that I haven't re-installed my computer for well over half a year. The performance had dropped quite a bit as of late. Also, I was home sick, so I might as well make the best of my time. I made a performance test on my Samsung 850 Pro drive, and found it absolutely woeful. How to get IOPS up, I don't know, but the read/write speed I did. I remembered I have left a setting from when I got my new motherboard and CPU... a SATA mode called IDE. After some tinkering in the BIOS, I managed to get it to boot in AHCI mode. I installed all my regular apps and programs, and even though I have taken quite a bit to Firefox as of late.I will probably stick to it, since it doesn't steal all my data, I still installed Chrome for the fun of it.

I have navigated to Facebook (not logged in), and clicked around their self-help portal, clicked around bbc.com, Tom's Hardware forums to deliver a similar post as this one, and now I am writing this blog post. I have not tried re-starting Chrome, nor my computer. That usually wasn't necessary to provoke the error.

So, it seems the many theories on malware, drivers and what not is false.

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