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My thoughts on Windows 10

As many of you know, Windows 10 has arrived some months ago. It has been launched with full effort from the Redmond company. They seem to want to unify desktop and mobile, even if you want it or not. I know a lot of people have given their thoughts on Windows 10, and mine will be one of many. For the sake of fairness, I will start with the good.

This post is not final, and is due to revision...

The good:

  • New icons
  • Modern UI apps doesn't open in full screen - A calculator on a 22" anyone?
  • When I did a fresh Windows 10 install on my newly upgraded computer, it asked if I wanted to create a PIN instead of typing in my 15 character long password every time I want to log in.
  • The Calendar and Mail app have recieved a very nice overhaul that actually makes them some what useful.

The bad:

  • Up until recently, you couldn't change the colours of the Windows. You would have to make due with white.
  • Everybody can join in with comments on what they want feature-wise in Windows 10. That can be an issue when people with no sense of what works in an operating system make up the majority of "votes".
  • Whenever you are opening file explorer by default, it points you to "recent files". That means, that unless average Joe, know to expand the "This PC", he won't be able to find that file he knows where is, but hasn't been used recently. I know Microsoft wants to make it more convenient to find those files you use a lot, but aren't those files in a place you know where they are? I mean, you use it a lot?
  • Changelogs have been abandoned. They just state something generic: "This update offers improved functionality for Windows 10 Version 1511." - Link to November Cumulative Update
  • Desktop switch: too little, too late. Also, badly executed.

The ugly:

  • The operating system is constantly spying on you, and you can not do anything about it - Link here
  • Cortana basically listen to you all the time. With a proper backdoor, anyone would be able to listen to what you do in front of your computer.

Forced installed apps Sway, Get Skype (An app that really just tells you to download the Desktop version), Onenote (Even if you have the Desktop version, it can not be uninstalled), 3D builder (An app maybe 5% would enjoy), Windows Camera, Windows Maps, Get Started, Windows Calculator, Windows Alarns & Clock, Windows Voice Recorder, Xbox , Microsoft Phone Companion, Groove Music, Films & TV, Reader, Windows Reading List, Windows Scan, Phone, Photos, The usual Bing apps (Stocks, News, Sports etc.)

The above mentioned just fills up your system, and could have been provided in a "connector app" recommending all the above mentioned apps. Some might call it bloat-ware.

I see an inquiry from the EU into Microsoft's systematic logging of users. They might have an alternative to the old debunked "Safe Harbor" deal sealed, but that doesn't mean that they can log what people do, without an opt-out option. Basically I see Windows 10 as a major threat to the right of privacy

Tool that removes the increasing invasive "Upgrade to Windows 10" - click here

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