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Why I dislike the EU (WIP)

To begin with I would like to state, that the whole idea behind the European Union is not the fault. What I believe is at fault is what I will go into.

  1. A long way from it's roots. Denmark voted into the EU in 1972, which was in the process of re-making itself after being a coal trading agreement between France and Germany. It all seemed to look great, but the years to follow, the EU mutated into a governing body, that somehow slips added superiority into treaties that's somehow always named after the city they were made up in. Perhaps so the non-elected officials that thought of it in their alcohol induced session would remember where they were if their spouses were to ask. All treaties in the EU, is signed by the commissioner of the particular committee that is responsible for the document, including the vice-commissioner. However, it does not seem very transparent that the treaties, documents, rules, laws, legislations etc. are actually written by elected politicians. It seems as though they are drawn up by non-elected officials, that are susceptible to lobbying.

  2. Too fast If you want human evolution in the topic of progress of society, you have to understand people. A thing the EU officials clearly does not. Abdicating our national superiority is just a matter of time before that happens. But hurrying this progress, officials fail to take into account what they are there to serve... people.

  3. What works in Span, might not work in Sweden Often it looks like

  4. Lack of transparency Something regarding money.

  5. Eurozone Why the euro has failed.


Collection of EU regulations, treaties and other gibberish: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/homepage.html

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